Incense of Saint Michael

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Incense of Saint Michael

This incense allows to fight the demonic spirits, to protect oneself from the external attacks, to drive out the malignant spirits, purification of the house.

Brings peace

30 gr.

Incense Fumigation - Instructions for use


Provide yourself with the following tools:
Censer (click on Censors, to see the censors available for sale on the site)
1 Incense coal (click on Coals to see the incense coals available for sale on the site)
1 Charcoal tongs (click on Charcoal tongs to see the Charcoal tongs available for sale on the site)
Sand for incense burner (click on Sand to see the sands available for sale on the site)
Matches or lighter
Incense grains and/or powder

Instructions for use
Place a sand base in your censer, which will collect the charcoal and resin residues and will not damage your censer
Place the grid on your censer (if censer with grid)
For the charcoal, I advise you to light it outside. The latter gives off a rather disturbing smoke. Grab your charcoal with the charcoal tongs, and light it with matches or a lighter. Your charcoal is lit once it is fully glowing (red hot. This may take some time)
Once lit, place the charcoal with the help of the charcoal tongs, on the grid of your censer (if censer with grid), otherwise, directly on the sand; hollow face towards the sky
At the same time, you can deposit a pinch of incense in the hollow of the charcoal as you go along (simple fumigations, rituals, prayers, etc.)
The resin will then release its fumigations, you will have to add as much as necessary, all the time of your action.
Once your fumigation is finished, extinguish the charcoal by passing it in water (Very important! There may be a fire inside the charcoal, water is the only way to extinguish it completely), throw away or bury the charcoal, remains of burnt resins, and sand. Clean your censer, and store it in a safe place.


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