Abalone, white

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Abalone, white

Provenance: MEXICO

16-18 cm

For sage, palo santo or incense fumigation.

CAUTION: Abalones are natural products and may have many irregularities.

The abalone shell has been a source of magic for thousands of years.
The abalone shell is a source of mystery because it is rocky and clear on the outside, beautiful and shiny on the inside.

It is used in shamanic rituals for fumigation.
All native nations of North America burn sage, cedar, sweetgrass and juniper as incense to purify the atmosphere in a place, around an object or the energy of a person.

Traditionally, Native American incense is burned in an Abalone shell which is very beautiful, has holes for ventilation and is also very heat resistant.

For some nations, it symbolizes the great Goddess of the Pacific Ocean.
In the purification process of fumigation, the four elements are represented: the shell comes from water, the match that ignites is fire, the herbs and ashes are Earth, and finally the smoke, the element Air.Instructions for use: To burn the powdered incense in the shell, place a pinch in the center of the abalone shell, pressing between the thumb and 2 fingers to form a small mound. Light with a match, then let the fire go out. The incense will continue to burn. Open a window for at least a few moments.


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