Black obsidian, pyramid Energy amplifier

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Black obsidian, pyramid Energy amplifier


Pyramid energy activator with 4 points

The energy activator allows to cleanse and amplify the vibratory flows, to raise for example the rates of energies in a place.

Geobiological distortions are reorganized and cleared. Acts on places and people. To put an end to anxieties, nightmares, goose bumps, bad entities. Places become positive again, free of all bad influences

To put everywhere where you feel the need of it, at the house, on the place of work, in the car, as personal protection, etc...

It protects from negative energies, it is a stone of reality attached to the earth, it makes appear the truth and drives out illusions.

It is a powerful shield against negative energies and harmful influences (like a mirror, it turns the energy of malevolent people against themselves).

Length of the points: About 2.5 cm

Amplifier width: 8 cm


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