Incense Flower of Life Lotus White

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Incense Flower of Life Lotus White


This natural incense of the white lotus of the Fleur de vie brand is associated with purity, fidelity and spiritual awakening.

The benefits of White Lotus incense

: If we talk about the lotus itself it is a flower considered with purity. The lotus has the ability to emerge from the murky waters of the morning and be divinely clean. Therefore, like the Egyptian mythology, the lotus is considered like Renaissance, also related to purity.

The incense White Lotus Flower of life benefits

: The white lotus, this color is there and recognized to embody the Bodhi this tree or Buddha was "awakened". A state of mental purity is represented by the White Lotus but also spiritual perfection. This White Lotus represents the "womb" of the world.


Incense sticks are made on bamboo sticks. They are used as offerings in various in various traditional rituals

Although we find the fragrances very pleasant, we must remember that incense in the pure tradition is not for us but the perfumes are offered to the deities. The place is then purified and the vibratory rate of the room is raised so that the vibrations are conducive to their coming and their presence.

Use incense in an airy room. Avoid inhaling the smoke. Use them only to scent and permeate the place. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave burning unattended. Make sure that the ashes fall into an appropriate censer. Do not put in the mouth.


Package of 15 gr of 10 sticks of 20 cm
Burning time: 25 minutes.


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